Dubai CommerCity

How Our Logistics Fulfillment Centers Work

Jun 27 2021

One of the key, and arguably most important components of our service is storage and logistics. Ecommerce is heavily reliant on logistical ability, getting the product to the consumer in shape and on time. As an all-in-one hub for eCommerce, our warehouse and fulfilment centres offer everything you need and more, to make a success out of your eCommerce activities. 

When considering how we could make an impact on these processes, we identified the criteria and technologies required in creating success in distribution and logistics. Speaking and collaborating with industry experts, we identified the challenges the industry faces and the advancements that were getting results. 

Made up of 54,000sqm of leasable land, our logistics cluster is home to 105 logistics units. With both single and shared units available you can take them on a pay-as-you-go costing plan. Operating with solar energy and reusable water, the units meet the demands of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program for a greener future. 

With pay-as-you-go costing plans, shared facility options and fully integrated systems across the logistics cluster, Dubai CommerCity aims to satisfy the needs of small, medium or large businesses. Whether newly established or long-term, well-established online retailer, our eCommerce ecosystem has created the perfect environment for you to nurture and grow your online sales. 

Warehousing/Fulfillment Systems 

Our Logistics and fulfilment systems have been incorporated with inventory management technologies. The heavily integrated OMS (Order Management System) can track sales, stock, fulfilment and customer engagement. 

This all forms an important part of the infrastructure making for seamless deliveries, tracked through every step of the process. Managing both customer expectation as well as your business assets, the integration of this system within our warehouses creates a frictionless process. 

The systems are both adaptable and personable. This allows us to meticulously plan around your businesses needs, ensuring even the most minor of detail is accounted for. 

Distribution and 3rd Party Logistics

Addressing the delivery of goods, we have collaborated with several third-party logistics specialists who offer excellent rates for last-mile delivery to all our business partners. Fully integrated with our logistics processes, our trusted 3PL services understand the importance of efficiency. 

Offering a global reach, with end-to-end storage and integration with our OMS providing live tracking long after your goods leave site. The last mile delivery sees transport of your goods direct from our bonded facilities to your customer. 

For those wanting to operate their own distribution, strategies will need to be evaluated. This is to ensure high efficiency in meeting customers expectations. 

Dedicated Staff

The distribution staff operating around the facilities will all be employed directly by Dubai CommerCity. Rather than using inconsistent rotational agency staff, we will employ highly skilled, permanent staff who will grow with you, live your values and possess an owners mentality