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    Company types

  • Which Company Types does Dubai CommerCity offer?

    Dubai CommerCity offers three (3) types of set-up options for companies:

    Freezone Company (FZCO)

    1-50 shareholders, individual/non-individual

    Minimum share capital of USD273**


    The New Regulations provide for a new corporate entity, a public limited company.

    This type of entity is suited to a company that wishes to list and/or offer its shares (IPO) on a securities market.

    Branch Office

    The branch office of an existing company

    No share capital required


    Facilities & Clusters

  • Can I lease multiple premises within the same Dubai CommerCity license?

    Yes. All Dubai CommerCity Free Zone customers may lease multiple premises under the same license.

  • What activities are allowed in Dubai CommerCity’s Free Zone?

    Dubai CommerCity is able to license activities that are allowed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

  • How many activities can you have under one (1) license?

    Dubai CommerCity is adopting ISIC 4 (International Standard Industrial Classification) activity list which allows adding trading, industrial and service activities up to 20 activities from Four (4) different industry groups under one license. The base License comes with three (3) activities from the same Activity Group. Any additional Activities or Groups can be added at an additional cost*.

  • What do you mean by e-commerce enablement?

    Dubai CommerCity is more than just a Free Zone. It provides all the services and advice a business could ever need to launch and/or grow their e-commerce and omnichannel sources. We enable businesses by providing a one-stop shop where you can pick which partner you would want to work with rather than heading out and trying to find one yourself.

    Services such as how to utilize your space for pick-and-pack along with setting up your fulfillment center, or fitting out your shell-and-core office are available under roof. Through Dubai CommerCity’s incredibly skilled in-house resources.

    Please fill out the Contact Form for more information.


    General queries

  • Where is Dubai CommerCity located?

    Dubai CommerCity is located in Umm Ramool, at the center of the regional trade route, providing access to over 2 billion people within a 2-hour flight radius.

    Strategically located next to Dubai International Airport, the free zone is specially designed to enable fast e-commerce fulfillment across the region.

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  • Why is Dubai CommerCity so unique for its location?

    Its centered location serves orders in the UAE with short delivery lead times given its proximity to Dubai International Airport, which is key for regional shipments.

  • How much does it cost to setup in the Business, Logistics or Social Cluster?

    Dubai CommerCity’s pricing model is flexible; different pricing and package deals are offered based on the nature, size and activity of the business. We also offer pay-as-you-go pricing solutions and tailor-made packages to accommodate individual business needs.

    Please fill out the Contact Form for more information.

  • What is the minimum office size required to be able to register as a free zone company with Dubai CommerCity?

    Dubai CommerCity has a wide range of products from the Business Cluster that will suit different types of business needs. For leasing inquiries, please e-mail today.

  • Can I purchase and/or own an office within the Dubai ComerCity Free Zone?

    You can only lease offices.

  • Does Dubai CommerCity offer flexi-desk or virtual office solutions?

    Dubai CommerCity has a wide range of products and services. Please fill out the Contact Form for more information.

  • Is Dubai CommerCity a Free Zone?

    Yes, Dubai CommerCity is a Free Zone. 

  • What is a bonded free zone?

    A bonded zone is a special trade zone created within domestic areas – in this case, Dubai CommerCity. It has special arrangements for customs duties, import/export duties and several supervision approaches. For example, foreign goods can enter the region without paying duties and are kept in the bonded zone.

  • What is Dubai CommerCity?

    Dubai CommerCity is first-of-its-kind free zone aimed at elevating Dubai’s position as a leading hub for e-commerce. It is the leading e-commerce enabler facilitating regional and international businesses to capture the exponential e-commerce growth opportunities in the MENA region. It provides an environment that stimulates creativity and progressive development with the aim of attracting more foreign direct investments to Dubai.

    Dubai CommerCity – enabling the ‘e’ in commerce. 


    How to set up a business in a Free Zone

  • Is Dubai CommerCity a bonded free zone?

    both the business cluster and the logistics cluster are bounded

  • How many Shareholders are required to form a company?

    Dubai CommerCity’s regulations require a minimum of one (1) shareholder and a maximum of 50 to form a company.

  • What is the minimum share capital required to form a company?

    The minimum share capital for a Dubai CommerCity company is AED 1,000.

  • Can I set up a brand or a regional head quarter in Dubai CommerCity?

    Yes, please fill out the Contact Form for more information.

  • Is Corporate or Income Tax applied to companies or to individuals at Dubai CommerCity?

    No corporate or income tax is levied on companies, businesses or individuals operating within Dubai CommerCity.

  • Do I need a UAE- based partner to form my company?

    One of the many advantages of setting up your company/business with Dubai CommerCity is that we allow 100 percent foreign ownership. This means you do not require a partner with UAE nationality to start a business or take up the Logistics/Fulfillment Centers with Dubai CommerCity.

  • What is a Free Zone?

    A free zone is an area where business can be conducted without the usual restrictions that are applied to foreign companies, such as requiring a partner who is an Emirati national, or being liable for corporate or income tax.



  • What kind of licenses does Dubai Commercity offer?

    Dubai CommerCity offers five (5) types of licenses to choose from when registering your business:

    License Type #1: E-commerce License

    With this type of license, holders are entitled to trade goods and services online.

    License Type #2: Trade license

    This license allows the holder to carry out trading activities specified in their license, including import, export, re-export, distribution and storage of specific products.

    License Type #3: Service License

    This license is suitable for service-oriented businesses. It enables entities to provide the services specified by their license.

    License Type #4: General Trading License

    This license allows the holder to trade in general activities, including import, export, re-export, storage and distribution.

    License Type #5: Freelance License

    This license allows the holder to offer services based on the activities specified in their license.